Sporty Waist Trainer Belt

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This Waist Trainer Belt is best used for short heart rising activities lasting between 1-2 hours. Essentially you'll wear this trainer to the gym, tidying the house, walking the dog or any other task that gets the blood rushing...


  • Gym
  • Cardio Activities


  • 2 Separate Velcro Straps For a Secure Fit
  • 2nd Belt is Stretchy To Help Tighten Your Tummy
  • Lower Back Support Steel Strips
  • Breathable Material


  • Dramatically Shapes Body
  • Helps Posture
  • Reduces Lower Back Pain

Please ensure you do not wear this trainer to tight otherwise you risk causing damage to your body. If at any point it hurts or you struggle to breath please remove the trainer immediately. That means you have been wearing it too tight or you have bought a size too small.