Boob Thruster Sticky Bra

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A Bra with no straps in sight, This boob thruster has been designed with you in mind. Whether you're wearing a strapless dress and you need a discreet Bra or if you want to give your girls a well-needed lift then this is the bra for you. 


  • Going Out Out / Partys
  • Evening Meals
  • Corporate Events
  • Cocktail Bars


  • Adhesive gel pads with a circle cut outs 
  • Adjustable Lace Enhancement size
  • Nylon Smooth Face


  • Instantly Enhance Cleavage
  • Backless and Strapless
  • Nipple Cut-outs for Comfort


  • Wipe with a damp cloth after every use
  • Store face down (adhesive Pads up)
  • Use clingfilm over the pads to keep stickiness.